Long distance relationships are a subtle balance between every variable you can imagine. When someone thinks about long distance relationships, usually all the bad things come up to one’s mind. The truth is everything is broken in two halves: the good one and the bad one (Pros & Cons of Long Distance Relationship).

Here are some pros and cons of long distance relationship.


1 – Improved Communication Skills

When you are apart, there is nothing much you can do besides talking. If you are together you can see what is going on, you can feel material things, and with just a look you can transmit your thoughts.

In a long distance relationship, words become a crucial part of your life. You try to describe everything: how you are, how you feel, how things happened without using gestures. You say literally everything. All of that talk makes you better at communicating. It’s easier to say what is right or wrong, what you like or dislike. You talk all about your feelings and have more meaningful conversations that you may not have while together because everything is much easier to understand.

2 – You Never Get Out Of Space

Being in a long distance relationship means being away from your partner for some period of time. Although most of the times the amount of space you have is not ideal, you do have your own space. Everyone needs it. Sometimes is the only way you can deal with the problems and challenges that come to you. Plus, you don’t get sick of each other since you can’t get clingy and follow each other around while you are busy with other stuff.

3 – You Are More Focused On Your Own Projects/Life

Let’s face it: relationships are distracting. Especially when your loved one pops up at your door by surprise. When you are close you get together anytime you can plus text and call when you can’t.

But when you can’t be together, you get more free time that becomes inevitably “me” time. You don’t get as distracted as before and start thinking about projects to do. You become more focused in your life, and you start doing things that you couldn’t before because the love of life was always in your line of sight.

4 – More intimacy

The most beautiful thing in relationships is the intimacy between two people. No, I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about meaningful conversations. When your main source of communication is by saying words, you start to talk about everything. When you open yourself like a book, the other person can see your soul as it is. You begin to know each other better and better without any physical contact to distract you because (let’s face it) it is much more fun to make love than to talk about your feelings.

5 – Dedication

Being far away in a relationship comes with a bonus: you don’t have much to worry about your relationship. You are working together to achieve the same goal because you both agreed to try to make your relationship work.

Because long distance relationships require a significant effort from both parts, a lot of work and energy, you know your partner is willing to go all of this struggle for you. You know you are both committed to doing it. You want it to last, so you dedicate time and effort to your relationship like never before, and so does your partner.

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1 – Not Being With Your Significant Other For Long Periods Of Time

People need physical contact even if it is in a small amount. Loving someone makes you want more of that contact. You can see your significant other by using technology, of course, but it’s not the same thing.

You may start to feel lonely and insecure, but you must choose a day for when you know you will be together. It may help you getting happier counting down the days until you meet again.

2 – Pressure To Not Have Arguments

Being far away makes all the time you spend talking to each other precious. Talking to your significant other makes your heart smile especially if you had a bad day and you just want to relax. At this point, the last thing you need is an argument about some little thing. You feel pressured to make everything ok and not argue because time is limited and you won’t be with each other the very next day. Even if you are together the next day, you don’t want to argue because you don’t want to waste any time not being happy with your loved one.

3 – Feeling Alone

Imagine this picture: you just had the worst day of your life. Nothing went as it was supposed to, you got home late, and the only thing you want is to cuddle with your significant other. You want that special hug that makes everything better.

In long-distance relationships, the only thing you get is an empty home that comes with a sense of an empty heart. Even if you try to explain to your boyfriend/girlfriend what is going on through video chat is not the same thing. Words can’t replace the hug you need. You know there is someone to support you, but that person is not there with you.

It may even get to the point when you just need to talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend right there and right now, but you have to wait until he/she gets some free time to talk to you.

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4 – Traveling is Expensive

Getting into a long distance relationship means to start budgeting everything! Being far away means getting into a plane, going on a train, drive a car for several hours. You will make a lot of trips back and forth, and that means spending money. If you have a little bit more money you can travel more if you don’t, you have to stay home, and it’s less time with your significant other. You can share expenses, of course, but still, money doesn’t grow on trees.

5 – You Get Addicted to Your Cell Phone

If you don’t plan on the time when you are going to talk to each other, you may get hyper alert looking for a text or a call from your loved one. You start carrying your cell phone all the time, always locking and unlocking it, checking if you received a text or a call. Always worried that you missed an opportunity to talk to your lover, and when you send a text you can’t wait to get a text back. Start checking your phone every 30 seconds, and if you forget it at home and go out running errands, you get anxious. Need your phone with you at all times.


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