Entering a relationship is something tricky. You feel insecure without knowing what to do. In long distance relationships, you don’t know what the first step to take is. You are going to be apart, and that fills up your mind with thoughts of everything that can happen. You may even start to think that it is not going to work. Many people believe that but that’s not necessarily true.

Here are some tips to help your long distance relationship work.

1 – Embrace change

If you are someone that likes everything to be always the same, a long distance relationship may come as a struggle. Everything changes in less time than you can blink and suddenly you don’t know what to do. Making rules to cope with change can be useful. But even those rules may change during the time you are apart. The world is constantly evolving, and you need to adapt to the change. Don’t be afraid, talk to your lover about what scares you and everything will be alright. Be flexible during the hard times. Talk to your partner about everything and together you can face all of this much more easily than trying to do it without each other support. Learn to adapt to new challenges or even create new things to help you cope with change. In a long distance relationship, change is almost always good, and it means things are evolving and dealing with them becomes easier.

2 – Hands-free phone

One thing that may help you during the time apart is doing chores like your lover is with you. While living together your partner may be somewhere near talking to you. If not talking to each other you still feel your sweetheart’s presence.

When you are apart, you can simulate this. Using hands-free phone allows you to talk and do other things at the same time just like when you were together. It provides something different to talk about, you don’t feel lonely, and you don’t have to be glued to your computer to talk to your loved one. Even if you are silent, you feel each other presence.

3 – Define Rules and Boundaries

One crucial thing to do at the beginning of a long distance relationship is to define rules and boundaries. You have to decide how everything is going to be. Make rules for everything: how much time will you talk every day, how many dates will you have, decide when you will talk and make a schedule, think about birthdays, trips to be with each other, long distance sex. Talk to your partner about everything you can think of and make rules for that. You may think it is unnecessary, but later there is less to worry about because you both agreed to carry out those rules to the limit.

4 – Time limit for the LDR

When you plan a life in common with another person, you dream of you being in the same house, happily together with children. Of course that you are together as a couple now, you are working to build a strong relationship, but you can’t go much further than knowing what you want for your life in common in a long distance relationship. To concretize those dreams, you have to be physically together. it means that you have to plan your entire relationship beginning with the question “When will the long distance relationship end?”.

Long distance relationships can’t go on for an undetermined period of time. If you started a relationship online, you have to decide as a couple when you are getting together so you can begin your couple’s life.

If you met your lover and you have been together since the beginning, and now you are forced to live apart, you have to talk about how much time your life will be like that.

It will help you both countdown the days and plan your life apart with ease.

5 –  Start an LDR the best you can

Starting an LDR after being together for some time, maybe even years, it’s hard, but you know that person loves you and you love him/her back. During your time together as in any other relationship, you will have problems and arguments that need to be sorted out. Of course, some things will take longer to get back on track than others. Solving issues requires constant work in a relationship. If you don’t resolve them, they will keep piling up until everything blows up in your face making it harder to think straight.

If you are one of those couples that have trouble communicating, right now is an excellent time to start practicing. Those things that you are not solving will continue the same after you get a part and can become even bigger over time.

Start your long distance relationship in the best place as you can by solving every single issue before the LDR starts since this kind of relationship comes with a lot more challenges than you are expecting.

Communication is vital and every second is an excellent time to start communicating better with your loved one.

6 – Makeup or break up

The best tip someone can give you about your long distance relationship is “DO NOT SETTLE”. In the beginning, it may not be an issue since it is something new and you are both trying to figure out what is going on. But after some time your relationship enters a routine. Maybe you even stop feeling excited about your relationship. Communication is the key to solve this problem

Long Distance Relationship Problems And To Avoid Them

If settling is not the problem, then it may be the asymmetric effort. There are a million reasons for this to happen, being the biggest one the lack of love from your partner. The passion isn’t there, and he/she may have found someone else that is not far away. Though solve this your only option can be to break up.


Have you ever been or currently in a long distance relationship, have some tips? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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