When you go into a long distance relationship, you start thinking about how your life is going to be. You ask people for advice, you make your research, and nothing seems to make sense to you. Here is some long distance relationship advice that will make your relationship work.

If you are not together, it’s easier to not do the same things as your partner. Two people have different tastes but you are in a relationship, and that means you have at least one thing in common with another person. Watching the same series and reading the same books makes you feel closer and then it provides you with something to talk about other than how much you miss each other.

2 – Care Package

One other thing to make you feel closer is a care package. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be too much, just a simple letter written by hand. Other times you may feel like you want to send your loved one something more than that. Maybe a book, a piece of clothing with your smell, candy, something related to a private joke or even something handcrafted by you. It makes your partner feel loved and cherished.

3 – Break The Routine

When you are in a relationship, people tend to enter a routine. In this type of relationship that can be even more common since you aren’t together and have nothing on what you can comment. You start to ask always the same questions “How are you?” “Did you sleep well?” and usually the answers are always the same. Even if they aren’t, that topic may run out pretty quick. Try to talk about what is going on, what you want to do in the future. Plan your next date, take an interest in each other lives and maybe surprise your lover with a visit.

4 – Talk About Your Problems

One thing to always remember is that every relationship comes with their problems and being far away is not an excuse to not solve them. The first thing you may think is “I don’t want to be mad at someone that I can only talk for a limited amount of time”. The reality is, no one wants that, but problems are inevitable. They can come up at, and they must be solved, so you don’t start constantly feeling that there is something wrong. If you use your time to improve your relationship while resolving your issues, it won’t be time wasted, and you’ll feel much better after everything is solved.

5 – Concentrate On Other Things

Not being with your loved one is hard no matter what you do. You start to overthink, to feel alone and nothing excites you anymore. Distance creates a gap in your heart that seems impossible to fill. The only thing that is on your mind is that your significant other is not with you and everything could be resolved with his/her presence. Of course, it would give you infinite happiness, but at this moment it’s not possible.

The only thing you can do is to concentrate on other things. Fill your mind with other thoughts. Focus on your friends, go out with them and have fun. Start your own project – Why not start a quilt to send to your boyfriend?

Focus on your job and your day-to-day tasks. Do those things that you said you would love to do but never did because the right time never came.

Things will start to look better for you, and you will feel happier in your life and your relationship.


Do you have advice which we missed or want to ask something about long distance relationship? Let me know in comments, I will respond. 🙂


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