Long distance relationships are the best for your heart to grow fonder. You get to know your partner better than anyone else, but it’s terrible for when you want some sexy time. At this time you are probably tired of masturbating. Feeling your own touch is something you are used to, and you are simply not looking forward to it.

You want to have sex and doing it long distance just seems to be a difficult task if not impossible. Wrong! Nowadays technology helps people achieve things that they never could before. So, with the help of technology here are some tips to have that special time with your loved one.

1 – Start with the basics – Sexting

Your long distance relationship may be giving its first steps, and you are starting to feel a little bit sex-deprived. Masturbating for you is not an issue, and your imagination is on fire. Why not send some dirty texts to your lover?

You will make him/her a delightful surprise, and he/she will like it because he/she feels like he/she is in your mind all the time: for good, the bad and the solo.

2 – Phonesex

Sexting requires a lot of dedication, at least one hand busy and a non-stop imagination. You get excited to think about it but, like any other thing in life, too much of something starts to pall. It is when you pick up your phone call your loved one and begin to talk dirty to him/her. It makes your life easier since you can use headphones to get your hands free and sometimes just by hearing the other person breath you get aroused. You start to feel a little bit closer even if you are a world apart.

Besides that, it’s easier to give each other sex tasks. During the call, you can tell each other something you would like the other person do to him/herself. Of course, you still need your imagination, but it gets easier while hearing how much the other person is enjoying.

3 – Skype sex

There are two ways of thinking about this: you see each other touching and enjoying themselves which is a turn on for you, or you can think of this like being in front of a camera dangling your junk for someone that is not with you plus your fear of someone walking in on that image. Your choice.

Technology is a fantastic piece of art and if you want sex with someone which is very far away my advice is to make yourself comfortable and show your bits to your loved one. Of course, masturbation is always present in this type of thing, but now you have company. Mutual masturbation is something that you may opt to do while talking to each other on a video call. You can see what is going on and give some sex tasks while you are at it.

4 – Get some apps on your phone

At this stage, you may be tired of using hands and want to start using something new. Right now there is an enormous range of toys to choose from including remote controlled ones.

For long-distance sex, you may consider getting some of those remote controlled toys. You have the toy, and your partner has an app on his/her phone with the power to control it. Use this with video calls and your sex life won’t be boring ever again.

There are some other gadgets too to make it feel like it is real body-to-body contact like kissing simulators, you can’t use your tongue but, hey! better than nothing.

5 – Make a replica of your genitals

As you may notice nothing is impossible to achieve in this world and there will be times when you feel homesick. To put it in other words, there will be times when you feel “your partner’s genitals” sick.

To solve this, you can make a replica of them using a DYI easy-to-use kit. Some even come with a vibrating unit.

You can use this as a departure gift or send it sometime along the way of your long distance relationship.

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