Keeping a long distance relationship can seem to be something impossible to accomplish. It’s not exactly like that. All you need is to put work and dedication into your relationship. The best things that happen in your life are the ones to which you dedicated your time. Love is the perfect reason to fight for someone. Here are some tips on how to keep a long distance relationship.

1 – Long distance sex

One crucial part of a relationship is the physical contact. Since it’s something you can’t do, you have to come up with something else. “Words” is the first thing that comes up to mind. You can start by sexting, which requires some imagination from both ends. If you are not comfortable talking sex out loud, this may be an option for you. As things evolve, you may try other options. Nowadays, with all the technology available on Hearth you may even try some long distance sex toys which are controlled by an app in your lover’s phone. That may make you feel like you are with your partner in real life.

2 – Make time for the other one on purpose

In long distance relationships, it’s essential to make your partner feel cherished and that he/she is important to you. It may require some flexibility on your part.
One of the best ways to do that is to take time on purpose to talk to your lover. That time is entirely dedicated to one another, and you can talk about anything and everything.
Make a schedule that suits you both and that you know you can accomplish. If to make this
relationship last what you need is to wake up in the middle of the night to talk to each other, you should do it. Pick a day on your calendar to schedule a date where you do something different. How about binge-watching a series together?

3 – Send gifts

Some people feel closer to one another when they have something they can touch and has the smell of their loved one. Some others may even dress up a pillow so they can hug it (it feels like your sweetheart never left).

Care packages are important. You send something to your partner that you made thinking of him, some goodies he might appreciate, a piece of clothing with your smell on it, the perfume you use every day.
You start to feel closer to each other because you know that was sent with you in mind and no one else. Those are things you can touch, you can smell, and you can hug them until you have no more energy to spend.

4 – Communication

The most important thing in the history of relationships is communication. Talk, talk, talk and talk a little bit more. There are times when this could be the hardest thing ever, but it has to be done for the relationship to last.
In a long distance relationship, everything can happen. You meet new people, and you start
doing new things to take up time. Let your partner know about that, or he may feel like he is entirely out of your world.
Solve your problems. Yes, you are far away from each other, but a problem without a fix is just like sweeping the crumbs under the carpet. They are still there, and you know it.
Share your fears, your dreams, what you think that could use some improvement. Talk about what you like and what you don’t dislike.
Let your partner know that you are there for him and when you need him to be there for you. Only with communication, you can know how things are between you two: If you are in the same page, if you are both working for the same goal and if it’s worth to fight for your relationship.

5 – Make adjustments

When you start a long distance relationship, you make your rules and boundaries, and
everything gets defined in such ways that it works for you both. Those rules may work for the time you are apart or may not work at all. Don’t consider making rules and boundaries as a waste of time. It is a start point, and now you can see if that works. It is important to have something you can build on.
If what you defined is working, great! Then you may relax a little and focus on other things. If it isn’t working, you need to change the parameters of the relationship.
You need to adapt and make constant adjustments to make your relationship work. It is
fundamental for both of you to do it. Your relationship depends on it and loves on its own isn’t enough to make it last.


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