Ah! A happy marriage. The life goal of every couple. You see all of those old people married for years and years and you think “I want that! I want that fairytale.”

Of course, what you don’t see, are the struggles they had to overcome over the years. There is no big secret for having a happy marriage. Instead, there is a creation of ways for you to deal with your partner throughout life. Those are the secrets to create a happy marriage.

Secret No 1: Be Strong

Couples need to be fully committed to the marriage. It is not easy. It’s probably one of the hardest things you will do in your life. Get tough and work with your spouse to keep your marriage strong.

Secret No 2: Create A Life Together

From the moment you get into a relationship, you are no longer able to do what you want, when you want. If you want that, keep being single.

As a couple, you need to define a plan together. Create a vision for your marriage and work on it to keep your marriage happy.

Secret No 3: Be A Good Communicator

Every couple is made of two people that don’t have the ability to read each other’s minds. Take your time to learn good communication skills. Apply them to your relationship and never be afraid of telling something to your spouse.

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Secret No 4: Forgive

No one is perfect: neither you nor your partner. You need to forgive your partner when he/she does something wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of time to learn the skill. In the end, if you don’t forgive you will disconnect from your partner and your marriage will fall apart.

Secret No 5: Accept

Two people, even if they are twins, won’t be equal. You and your partner will disagree on some things and will have different points of view. Accept your partner as he/she is and learn how to deal with disagreements together.

Secret No 6: Work On The Problems Together

Being part of a couple means working towards the same goal as a team. For sickness and health, you have to be there. Work on your problems as a couple should do. If both work on it, things will get solved twice as fast.

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Secret No 7: Have Your Emotional Health On Spot

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed at work, you take that stress home? The same happens with anything else you might have bothering your mind. If you have personal issues, you will inevitably bring those into the marriage. For your marriage to be healthy, you need to be emotionally healthy. Solve your issues and see a personal therapist if needed.

Secret No 8: Have Quality Time Together

Couples need time for themselves no matter what. This time is important to talk about the relationship, making a recap of the week and to know what you want to achieve next. Taking everything else out of your space: children, family, friends, phones, pets… Be together and enjoy each other’s company without interruptions.

Secret no 9: Have Sex

Sex releases hormones that make you happy. Make a “sex date” once a week. Go for quantity over quality. Some studies suggest that having sex even when you don’t want to, is good for your mind. Have sex and have fun!

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Maybe these secrets are not so secret. The truth is only those involved in the relationship can make it happy. Talk about everything and never forget what made you fall in love. Communicate, be intimate and never keep secrets from your partner. These are the keys to have a healthy relationship.


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