You are a woman looking for advice. You may be looking for ways to keep your marriage healthy or even how to solve the problems that regularly come up. Many times, in a relationship, one tends to focus more on the other’s faults than what one can do to improve the relationship.

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Because women have their hormones all over the place, there are a few things they may not be aware. All men want is to be the best husband they can be. Here I present you with the best pieces of advice for marriage a woman can get:

  1. Notice his effort and thank him – He is putting his best effort into the marriage. Thank him for everything he does.
  2. Tell him he did a great job – It may not be his best work but he tried just to please you.
  3. Brag about him – Do it to your friends every time you can you get bonus points if you do it in front of him.
  4. Let him know you want him and that he pleases you – Men love to know they are doing a great job.
  5. Let him know he makes you happy – All your husband wants is to make you happy. Make him see his efforts are not in vain
  6. Tell him what you want, think, feel… Because he can’t read your mind
  7. Give him affection –  Don’t think just because people say “men don’t cry” your husband doesn’t want affection. He does but he won’t ask for it.
  8. Watch your speech – Your tone of voice can be a source of disagreements. Don’t talk aggressively. If you do it unconsciously, train yourself to be sweeter.
  9. Accommodation – Just because you are married it doesn’t mean it’s all about your husband. You have as many dreams as him.
  10. Don’t make sex a low priority – sex is a synonym of intimacy. If intimacy is gone, so is the relationship.
  11. Focus on what you like about your partner, instead of what you don’t like
  12. Give him space to be by himself or with friends. He didn’t stop being himself when you got married.
  13. Don’t try to change your partner – don’t treat him like he is a case study. Love him as he his, not as you want him to be.
  14. Compliment him on his manliness – Praise him. Everyone loves it.
  15. Laugh at his jokes – Some people like to be funny even when they are not. He is your husband, play along.
  16. Don’t blame your spouse for what you do.
  17. Don’t start gossip and complaints the minute he gets home – He is probably tired of a long day at work. Give him a minute to decompress.
  18. Be there for him when he needs it
  19. Avoid talking about other men or it can give him the inferiority complex
  20. Open up to him – You are in a relationship. Be vulnerable. It will show your partner you trust him.
  21. Let him love you the way he wants – Some men have weird ways to show their love. Know that he loves you and it can come in a way you don’t expect.
  22. Don’t humiliate him. EVER.
  23. Do stuff together – Bond over things you both like.
  24. Accept his past and do not bring it up. You have your past as well. Don’t bring it up either
  25. Don’t let money come between you – Work out a healthy way to deal with it.
  26. Be loving and forgiving – Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Make him smile with small gestures and keep him happy in bed. Men are not complicated. We (women) think a lot and that is what screws everything up. Keep it simple and you won’t go wrong.

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