Every marriage has problems. When I say every marriage, I might as well say relationship. Being part of a couple is something hard to do. You are two individuals trying to live as one. Your tastes and hates won’t always be the same; your points of view will differ from time to time. Solving the issues in marriage requires a lot of talking, understanding, and compromises. It might not be the most simple thing you do in life, but it’s certainly the best.


  • Infidelity – one of the deal-breakers.
  • Sexual differences – wanting different things in bed can lead you not to have enough sex which translates to a lack of intimacy.
  • Boredom – The same person every day, always doing the same things.
  • Money – Money is the most significant source of stress in a relationship.

  • Busy schedules – It’s harder to have time for each other, and it can add another layer of stress.
  • Bad communication – You need to be clear about what you want and what you need.
  • Not making the relationship a priority – Everything comes. First, the relationship comes last.
  • Conflict – You fight about everything and let the annoyances grow inside of you.
  • Expecting your partner to be your everything – Don’t expect your partner to provide you with what you don’t have. It’s a big request that breaks relationships.
  • Keeping score – Competition is good when there is a contest. Your marriage isn’t a contest.
  • Resentment – Your partner did something you didn’t like. Talk about it and learn to forgive.
  • Criticizing your partner all the time – Usually comes with a snarky attitude which, in the best-case scenario, is only annoying.
  • Not telling your partner what you want – your partner is not a mind reader.
  • Not having quality time together – Have time alone as a couple to bond and strengthen your relationship.
  • Valuing more the negative stuff than the positive – Focus on the good because bad is everywhere.
  • Not talking about essential stuff every day – Talk every day about your relationship, things you like, what you think… The important things that make your relationship evolve.
  • Settling for good enough – You deserve the best. Settling will make you unhappy. If there is no way you can have it as you want, compromise. Make a win-win situation.
  • Taking each other for granted – You stop making an effort to show love and how much you care about each other.
  • Not having friends to talk to outside the marriage – Friends help you put things in perspective, and they are a support system. Plus, you need someone to vent about your relationship.
  • Thinking marriage should be easy – It isn’t, and it never will be.
  • Not listening enough and trying to fix everything – People sometimes just need to talk about what is bothering them. Your spouse is not looking for a solution but a listener.
  • Losing your identity – You are a person with interests and your own personality. It’s not all about your other half. Think about yourself too.
  • Talking to /stalking your ex on social media – You got married. What are you doing looking at your ex’s Facebook Wall?
  • Expect everything to be perfectly fair – Life isn’t fair, nor is your marriage. Don’t keep score. EVER.
  • Taking the phone to bed with you – Yes, it is a good thing. It helps you to stay close with those who are far away. But, don’t push away the one right next to you.

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I could go rambling about everything that can go wrong in a marriage. Not every marriage has the same problems. People are different, and so are the relationships they make.

It takes constant and hard work for a couple to be happy. In this case, it takes the rest of your life. Sometimes you might feel that it isn’t worth your time and it is better to give up.

Love conquers all. To it, you must add respect, confidence, friendship, and communication. If you have love, you will be unstoppable.


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