Your guy friend has been acting weird around you. You have been trying to ignore his behavior for some time, but now it’s getting awkward. It has made you think, “Does he have feelings for me? Does he like me more than a friend?” You don’t know if what you are considering is right or if you are overthinking this whole situation.

But it’s ok. There is nothing to be worried about. We have the solution to your problem right here. We are going to help untangle these questions you have in your mind and find out if your guy friend has feelings for you.

He has suddenly started to act weirdly around you. His sudden mood swings take you off guard. He is either too good to you or too ignorant of your presence. He avoids direct eye contact and staying alone with you. On other occasions he acts nice in front of you, making attempts to impress you; he touches your hair or hand very smoothly. And most prominently, if someone compliments him in front of you he gets embarrassed very quickly; if someone teases him, he talks about both of you as a couple.

  • He Compliments You

He never misses a chance to compliment you. His behavior seems to be changed, but you can’t seem to figure out what is exactly wrong with him. Although these compliments might seem to be a little subtle, this is not his usual self, and that’s one of the reasons you want to know what is going on.

  • Jealously

He acts awkward when you are talking to another guy or gets annoyed if someone is looking at you. He also tries to make you jealous by mentioning the names of other girls or by talking to them in your presence.

  • Staring At You More Than Usual

Well, another important symbol you might have noticed is he might continuously be looking at you. It is normal for your friends to look or stare at you if they have a reason: for example if you have got a haircut or you dressed up differently. But if your guy friend keeps staring at you from time to time without any reason, this might make you feel conscious about yourself. At this time you start noticing that something is going on with him and you might realize that he is crushing on you a lot.

  • He is Texting Or Calling You More Than Usual

It is normal for friends to text or calls each other. But if this text or call is at random times without any reason at all and all your guy friend wants to know is whether you are ok or not; if you have had your lunch; what are you doing at the moment; or other random things trying to stay connected to you, it might make your 6th sense tingling. Your girly instincts will point you in the right direction suggesting that this guy might have a serious crush on you.

  • He Tries To Make More Get-together Plans With Friends

When a guy likes you, he tries to find out ways to stay connected or to see you as much as possible. It is because he wants to spend more time with you, get to know you better and more importantly he also wants to get noticed in your eyes. This guy is the one initiating all the group hangouts or suggesting some meetup plans for just the two of you, like watching a movie, go bowling, etc.

  • He is Always Offering You His Time

Friends try to help each other whenever they need it. But if your guy friend has a crush on you, he will provide you unasked favors also: he will give you a ride back home; if you feel like eating something he will get it for you; if you want to drop something at a friend’s place, he will be the first one to give you his services. No matter what the favor might be, he will be the first one around to assist you at all times. Helping you whenever he can is one of the most visible signs he might show if he is developing a close likeness towards you.

  • He Notices Even The Smallest Things About You

He knows every single detail about you no matter how small or insignificant it might be. Whether you have a new haircut, you had your nails painted or wore a different lip color that day. Well girl, if this boy is paying more attention to you than usual, he is asking for some attention from you as well.

  • He Flirts With You

Flirting is one of the most visible signs of someone crushing over you. You know the difference between a friend joking around and teasing with you. But when your guy friend is flirting with you time and time again, he will confess his feelings for you in hidden words. He can even concede that he has developed a real likeness towards you. You will notice some mixed emotions coming from him and realize that it’s not just random flirting, but yes he is crushing hard on you.

  • He Repeatedly Mentions He Has A Crush But Does Not Tell You Her Name

He will say that he likes a girl and wants to impress her and he will ask you for advice on how to impress her. But if you ask the name of the said girl, he will shy away from the question and avoid answering it.

  • He is Giving More Attention To Grooming Himself

You notice a sudden change in his appearance and the way he behaves. He will be dressed more appropriately; he’ll be more well-groomed, with his hair properly cut; he will shave more appropriately. Moreover, he also measures every word he says when he is with you.

  • If You Two Are Together On a Hangout, He Names it A Date

Whenever you are together alone, he might say that it feels like you are on a date. Then, he can take a chance and ask you what do you think it would feel if you were actually on a date. If he feels brave enough, he can even ask you out on a real date. If you disagree he will make it look like it was a joke, but if you agree, he will think “YES! I have hit the jackpot!”

10 Signs To Know If Your Girl Friend Has Feelings For You

Summing Up!

Sometimes your guy friend might have a crush on you and might want it to work so bad, that he will tell you about it. Another time, he wants his crush to stay hidden and does not want you to know about it. But as they say “The more you try to hide your feelings for someone, the more you will end up falling for them.” One way or another, his smile alone is more than enough to reveal his true self.  Besides that, you might know what has been going on all along. Stop avoiding each other and talk things out.


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