Girls have always been complicated species. Life would have been a lot less complicated if girls would express themselves appropriately and were a little easier to read. 

Well, this might never happen! But boys don’t worry. You don’t have to be all mystified. We are here to help you. Every girl you know always gives you some subconscious signs. Your job is to learn how to read them. Her gestures, mannerisms or body language can show how much she is into you.

Here I present you ten ways to know if your girl friend (Girl as a friend) has feelings for you.

She is Always Doing Nice Things For You

She is always around doing nice things for you. She never waists an opportunity to spend time with you. Although you might notice her ignoring you at times, she is too obvious in what she does. For instance, she will cook something for you; she will buy you gifts, or she will do your work for you. If these are the signs she shows, there might be something more than friendship going on in her mind.

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She Shows Warmth Towards You

She will always look at you with affection and laugh at your jokes no matter how bad they are. She might roll her eyes or feel agitated when anyone shows disrespect towards you. You will also find her initiating playful conversations and concerned with how you respond to such interaction. She will subconsciously mention her likeness towards you. If you notice it and think she is serious (because she is), she will tell you that it is just a joke.

Replies To Your Text Messages Or Calls Instantly

Whenever you send her a text or give her a call, you will always get an instant response. Plus, she will intentionally try to prolong the conversation by sending another text to keep it going. She will talk about unnecessary things. She might ask what you are doing; if you had lunch; or what is your favorite color, all to keep you engaged with her.

Touching You Or Your Things More Often

She will intentionally touch you while talking to you, or your stuff. You might find her attitude weird at times. She will act as if she unknowingly showed a particular gesture. It is another major sign that you should always stay aware of.

She will stand a bit too close, give some casual hugs, leaning close to you while talking or playfully hit you or punch you more often. But don’t be fooled by this, she is completely aware of your presence and her attitude. You might even find some of your things missing like your pen, your key ring and later find out she is the thief you have been looking for.

She Shares Her Secrets With You

It is one of the most prominent signs of her likeness towards you. Once she starts liking you, she automatically develops a sense of trust towards you. She will want to share her secrets with you, tell you things she has never told anyone else or even look up to you for advice. She will tell you how she feels and asks you for your assistance in the simplest things to show you how dependent she is on you.

She Will Always Dress Up Whenever You Two Are Meeting

You will notice a sudden change in her appearance. She will dress up more consciously; have her hair made up; have her shoes and accessories well-coordinated, and she will have her makeup done. She will also ask you randomly what you will be wearing to try to color coordinate with you and then call it a coincidence.

Intentionally Mentions Other Boys in Front Of You

She will randomly say how some boy has a crush on her, and you don’t like him at all. She will intentionally try to bring up such conversations, again and again, to either make you feel jealous or try to make you feel something for her. Also, she will try to find out if you have feelings for her.

Acting Vulnerable Around You

She will act vulnerable around you by discussing her insecurities with you and telling how she feels unsure about something. She will feel comfortable enough to cry in front of you. She will openly talk about her likes and dislikes, what annoys her and what she desires from life.

Mixed Signs Of Flirting

Girls don’t flirt with every other boy they meet. If she is flirting with you, take this as a very positive sign. She likes you, and she is showing signs that you mean something special to her. She might try to tell you how unattractive she feels when looking at the mirror. In that case, she is trying to get your attention because it will make you look at her. The flirting begins when you answer “Don’t say that. You are beautiful.”

Acts Possessive And Protective About You

She will always act very protective of you if some other girl makes advances towards you. She will become very possessive of you. She will try to sit closer to you, trying to show the other girl that he is already dating someone, or he is not interested in seeing anyone right now

Summing Up!

Well boys, if you see some of these signs in a girl, note that she really likes you a lot and also craves for your attention in return. She is your friend; nothing bad can come if you like her back. Smile warmly and, if you like her as well, show your genuine interest in her. Take a chance and see how things work out between the two of you.

Good luck!


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